Founding Explorers

You are invited to become an Earth Archive Founding Explorer to help us discover lost cities and ancient cultures of the Amazon

Our first campaign (2021-2022) will scan the Amazon starting with areas of Brazil and Colombia. This is one of the last unexplored places on earth and by becoming a Founding Explorer you can help us discover and explore unknown ancient cities and cultures.

We wish to recognize our growing list of Founding Explorers
Finlay & Leila Harris
Peter Atalla

What is a Founding Explorer?

A Founding Explorer is an individual or organization that have donated funds toward the launch of the Earth Archive.Founding Patrons are defined by individuals who wish to help us make major archaeological findings that will radically transform our understanding of ancient Amazonia.
Founding Explorers Benefits
  • First-hand views of ancient cultures that are virtually unknown
  • Special access to never before seen archaeological sites
  • VIP Invitations to participate in archaeological fieldwork and travel
  • Unique access to the scientists and explorers undertaking this work
  • VIP access to the exploration of uncharted corners of the planet

How do I become a Founding Explorer?

Please join us as a Founding Explorer by donating a minimum of $10 thousand dollars. These funds will be used to help launch our first major scanning efforts in the Amazon region starting in 2021.

They will also help us build the logistical and administrative infrastructure necessary to undertake our work.

For more information or to make a donation please contact
Chris Fisher.