The Earth Archive is hosted at the Center for Archaeology & Remote Sensing (CARS), a research laboratory located at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Dr. Chris Fisher,
Founder & Director of the Earth Archive

Dr. Steve Leisz,
Co-Director of the Earth Archive

Chris Fisher is an archaeologist, National Geographic Explorer, and Professor of Anthropology at Colorado State University. He is the Director for the Center of Archeology & Remote Sensing (CARS).

Chris has performed fieldwork throughout Latin America, Europe, and North America. His work is featured in the New York Times Bestselling Book, The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston.

He founded the Earth Archive out of his experiences using remote sensing technologies in Mexico & Honduras to better understand the causes and consequences of urbanism and environmental change.

Visit for more information on his work

Dr. Steve Leisz is a geographer & Associate Professor at Colorado State University. He is the Director of the Remote Sensing and Land Change Science Laboratory and Co-Director for the Center of Archeology & Remote Sensing (CARS).

His research uses LiDAR, medium and high resolution satellite imagery, and derived digital elevation models integrated with archaeological fieldwork to investigate the drivers of land change.

Dr. Leisz’s work has been funded by the NASA Space Archaeology program and the National Science Foundation.



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